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Secret room is a PvP/PvE event where guilds go head to head to clear a challenging dungeon. It is held every Sunday at 7pm CET. Players are recommended to be level 120 with strong gear to complete it.

Step 1: Apply

Either the guild leader or someone with Apply guild permissions must talk to the secret room manager in Flaris near the bank. It costs 1 perin to apply. You must apply before secret room starts to be able to participate.

Step 2: Organize

You have 5 minutes to gather your guild and create your line up. This must be done by the guild leader, and the guild leader is required to participate. You can apply with up to a maximum of 16 players.

Step 3: Join, prepare and fight!

You have 5 minutes to organise your members, 5 minutes to enter and 3 minutes to prepare. Once this time is over you will have to:

  1. Clear all tunnels of monsters (400 total, 100 in each)
  2. Kill the mid-bosses at the end of each tunnel (4 bosses total)

After this is done all guild members will be teleported to the final boss room. You will need a strong tank and healer to take him down. He can cast roots and AoE's, so be careful with your positioning and make sure your damage dealers can tank his rage AoE.

If a member or the guild leader dies they can re-spawn and rejoin the fight.


  1. The fastest guild will receive a set of 1 week Plush Guild Furniture.
  2. All other guilds that manage to clear the secret room in the 30 minute time limit will receive a 1 week set of WoodenGuild Furniture.

Check out the guild furniture effects here: Power-ups
GL and HF!